Open Mic Fight!!!

Unfortunately we have cancelled The Open Mic Fight forever.

Why? Music is not a competition, and even though our participants understood this,
it just didn't feel right anymore.

When: Only in Dreams

The Old Open Mic Fight Club Rules!!!
  1. One song or Six Minutes, no exceptions
  2. Each Performance must be limited to four players per act.
  3. No effects (i.e., amps, pedals, or autotune) are allowed. Unless you pre-approve the set up with Brad. We do have some amplifiers you can use, and we provide direct input boxes for guitars and have mics on hand for instruments without pickups. We aren't against the use of modern instruments and DJ equipment, you just have to prove that it will be easy to set up before you play, so email me to figure out if it will work.
  4. No drum kits -  we have an electronic drumkit that is set up at the show and that your group can use, but other than that only scaled down or hand-held percussion is allowed.
  5. Performers must check in for their slot, 40 minutes prior to their scheduled playing time.
  6. Because "playing ability" is a judging criteria, CD Accompaniment Tracks are not allowed. However dj equipment computers or other generated media is allowed if it can be scaled down, but this is not Karaoke, You have to play whatever it is you are playing, not just push one button and sing.
  7. In order to be eligible for the cash prize performers must stay to the end of the night.
  8. Have a great time and enjoy the show! (definitely a rule!)

(Please read carefully)

The night may be booked in advance.
You may sign up in advance by emailing  Alternates will be  available in case folk don’t show up. You will be able to sign the alternate list starting at 7:00
Doors open at 6:45.  If the current evening's list is full (which it probably will be) you may sign up as an alternate for the evening and we welcome you to sign up for a future open mic night. We will try to keep room on every night for four individuals. If you performed the Friday before you will not be eligible to compete the next Friday. No performer may be on the list twice at any time. 

Please confirm you spot via email the day of the show.  If you CAN NOT make your scheduled slot, pleeeeease let me know asap!!!!!
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